FAQ about ECDS

Can I ask for help from a librarian?

‘Ask us’ links you to the ECDS team for any assistance and information service. You can also check out the help page.

Can I get access into electronic databases?

Some ECDS libraries make their specialized databases available only to library members. Your search on ECDS may produce direct links to articles and other resources in these databases. To access the resources, you may first be required to log in with a valid library membership. But, open access multidisciplinary specialist databases allow you to make your search and get the information you are looking for.

Can I search ECDS at my local library?

You may have to log in with a valid library membership.

How can I be a partner institute?

To be a partner, send us official letter and your library system resource links via email.

Is there a payment to join ECDS?

There is no payment and your organization can join for free.

What content of the resources are required for entry into the ECDS?

The types of content required are the metadata (bibliographic information) and abstracts of the records.

What is ECDS?

The Ethiopian Central Discovery System serves as a repository for resources produced by Ethiopian academic institutions as well as governmental and non-governmental health organizations. It harvests content from libraries and knowledge centers of partner institutions in the country via a strategic partnership. The system helps users easily find items in different libraries and empowers them by providing expanded source of knowledge and information.

What is a content repository

Content Repository is the place to store, search, and retrieve information.

Why become ECDS member?

By joining ECDS, your resources will be visible and easily accessible. You will share your resources on Ethiopia and at the same time access content of other partner institutions via this strategic partnership. Your resources will gain a more global presence and will be discovered by a wider audience due to full-text indexing capabilities of the system. Further, ECDS will improve the impact of your institutional publications and other research outputs.

Become an ECDS Partner

ECDS is a membership made up of Ethiopian organizations. Find out how you could join the membership and accrue mutual benefit

Ask online

The ECDS administrator will respond to your query anytime.